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Girls are Pink, Boys are Blue

JANUARY 7, 2012
This is a quick deadline piece that I did for WSJ about Lego's introduction of all pink, girlie crap for girls. Girls are silly, forgetful, fluffy little creatures concerned only with makeup and shopping, didn't you know? That's Lego's actual pitch. I could have made it angrier, but keeping it subtle, more bemused, felt right. I have a book coming out this March called "What Little Boys are Made of" which has a companion book for girls, and the premise is that both books are very similar- nearly identical thematically- in that they are filled with adventure, discovery and action. Of course, whether the girls book comes out or not will depend on the first book's sales- the new normal.
   I have a daughter that hasn't worn a dress since she was six and another who, though "girley" is tough as nails. My wife is an MD, and when there's blood on the ceiling, no one is more calm, competent and professional than she is, man or woman.
So ladies, don't worry your pretty little heads, let's do our nails!