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Prints for Charity

APRIL 15, 2013
Dear Drawgers:
   I was at my kid's school PTO meeting last week and they were looking for items for the spring silent auction. Signed copies of kid's books are always popular- I get many requests throughout the year. But what's really great is adding a framed, signed print on museum paper with the signed copy. My prints have fetched $500 or more and originals over $1000 in these fundraisers. The thing is, I do this every year and I'm getting tired of me even if the parents aren't. What if we exchange prints for each other’s charities. For instance, I will donate a signed book and print to your school if you'll send me one to donate to mine. We could even trade across several of each other's charities so that each of our charities could have a half dozon books & prints to auction. We then frame them nicely and presto! a section of beloved (of course!) signed books with beautiful art to auction for your school, library, youth group, whatever.
  I can make a 13”x19” print from my Epson on Somersett or museum quality Epson paper on virtually any image from any of my books. If you want to shop, go look at Neubeckerbooks.com. Below are a few images that people have liked.
 This could be a lot of fun. The charities really appreciate this kind of stuff from us. Too bad we can’t deduct the entire value of the print, but I expect accounting will let us go with the cost of ink cartriges and a box of nice paper.  
 Thanks. E-mail me if you're interested or have some ideas. I thought about trading originals, but let's try prints. People love them.   Best, Robert
P.S. I posted the Dallek Icon to get your attention!
From a book I did with John Lithgow, "I Got Two Dogs". A crowd pleaser...

These prints from the "Wow" books frame up nicely. Funny, if I print from my old Photoshop 5 software, the color comes out richer.

Our school library.

From "Wow Ocean"

This is from "Shiver me Timbers" with Doug Florian. I know I can get Doug to sign this too. Great book.

From "What Little Boys are made of". So that's it. Thanks! R.