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Print Sale! School Fundraiser!

JUNE 6, 2013
  Good Morning! A few weeks ago I proposed that us Drawgers could exchange prints of our work, especially children's book art, for our various charities’ fundraisers. Well, Steve Kroninger, Rob Dunlavey and Leo Espinosa stepped up and contributed signed prints from their books plus a signed copy of the book. I had them framed and added one of my own. We put them in the silent auction for our school’s Spring Arts Fair fundraiser, a fairly small event. The event brought in more than $37,000 - grand totals are still out...with almost $2000 coming from the framed prints. Great work, guys, and a warm thank you from The Weilenmann School of Discovery!
Weilenmann is a public charter school, K-8 !
Presenting the prints to our principal, Mary Kimball. Steve sent me three! Two of which I'm saving for the big fundraising banquet in November. With the proper vintages, we could push the bidders closer to the four figure mark.
Rob's was accompanied by a signed copy of the book in French!

Here's Leo's of Otis and Rae...nicely paired with the book.

Rob's- This was very popular- my principal wanted it, but when the bidding got past $400, one of the parents snagged it.

Here's Steve's. This sold for over $600. it was a beautiful print, large format. I'll frame the other two as a pair and put them up at the big event in November.
Here's a better bad picture of Steve's.
Here's mine. The signed book is a nice addition, especially for a school or library fundraiser. I printed up resumes of each artist as well, to give some background. "New Yorker illustrator" is nice, although Kroninger took the cake with "Solo exhibit at MOMA..."

Thank you, Rob, Leo & Steve for supporting these kids!