Robert Saunders
November 2006
Victory in da House
Ooh! Ouch! Ow! Ooh!
I've trotted out a few of my stock illustrations on the morning after the Republicans' defeat, to make the point that this is what Congress is going to do to the White House now that the Democrats have taken back the majority of seats in the House. It is time to hold the lobbyists', Bush admininistration's, and crooked politicians' feet to the fire. First off, I'm hoping there will be a renewed ethics committee, then an investigation of laws broken by the administration, and a restoring of the inspector general's office on waste and fraud by contractors in the Iraq war.
I want Congress to get rid of the bad apples—even Democratic ones—
...and restore ownership of this country to the people who pay the bills and hunger for a little bit of justice.
Doin' the Right Thing
I did my civic duty today, and boy do I feel proud. I was able to mark everything in the right place without getting befuddled. I have no doubt we're going to hear before the end of the day that there have been voting irregularities somewhere in the nation, so brace yourselves. It could get wild out there!

What a country.

PS: In the interest of full disclosure, this silly pic was done on the subject of "Self-esteem" for some bleeding-heart-liberal health newsletter, sometime in the last century.
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