Robert Saunders
December 2010
Love Letter to Rome
In 1972 Rome, three art school seniors, along with their friends and professors on RISD's European Honors Program (EHP) made a film called Maiali Delle Strade [pronounced: my-ahh-lee-dell-lay-strah-day] or "Road Hogs". The film, brainchild of then-senior Barry Koch, created in 8mm and co-starring Rob Saunders and Jeff Janson, was a response to a request by the EHP department to produce an orientation tool for incoming students to acquaint themselves with the antiquities of Rome (music was not used; it was only added later for personal enjoyment). Under Koch's conceptual guidance the film expanded into a comical depiction of a gang of petty motorscooter thugs—Capo Maiale-Head Hog; Il Macellaio-The Butcher; Lo Sfregio-The Scar—and in doing so was transformed from a pedestrian primer into a taut, two-wheeled tale of mob loyalty, violence, love gone wrong, and ultimate justice.
Maiali Delle Strade
Film is fifteen minutes long and contains period film scratches, lense fuzz, and record crackle. Warning: Contains violence.
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