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In the last few months I have been snatching bits of time away from work so that I can enjoy some time with my sketchbook. My sketchbooks are not elaborate. Mostly simple pen lines straight to paper. I often have a plan but sometimes I start at the top of the page and work my way to the bottom. By the time I reach the bottom of the page the images are often different than what I planned. 


Lately I have been drawing treehouses. My brothers and school friends and I would often build a treehouse after school or on a lazy weekend and then we would spend an afternoon hidden among the leaves in a tall tree eating candy, reading comics or devising ways to make our treehouse even better. Our treehouse was often just a platform made from scavenged wood, nails and rope - borrowed or stolen from trash heaps or junk piles. These sketches are not those treehouses from my childhood but, to me, they still represent the safe haven, independence and long summer afternoons high up in a tree.

Ghost Bridge

Here's a piece I created a few weeks ago. I am always drawn to concepts that involve travel, exploring and adventure. These characters keep popping up in many of my recent sketches so it was fun going to final art on this one.
They're There On Their Vacation

Here are a few pages from a picture book I worked on last Spring. They're There On Their Vacation (by Brian Cleary) came out last week and I have been so excited by the reviews. The large format and funny story made this a joy to dig into. And it's never bad to be told by the art director and editor to just have fun and be as goofy as you want. So, a giant thank you to the creative folks at Lerner Publishing for dropping this light hearted project onto my lap and then cheering me on as I crossed the creative finish line.
Before you start sketching for a book like this it's a good idea to figure out who the characters are. Here is the Tuckabee family.

And off they go!

Visiting the World's Largest Underwear.

After the Narwhal Petting Zoo the Tuckabee family stops at Indoor Acres Camping Ground.

And then a visit to the Cheezie Popz factory. Safety rails? Who needs safety rails?

Back at home they are already getting excited about where to go for next year's vacation.


Here's another poster created to promote the idea that kids and reading are a good mix no matter where you are.
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