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AUGUST 4, 2010

What kind of behind-the-scenes magic is used to create the wonderland we call tradeshows? Is witchcraft employed? Alien technology? Yes and yes. But mostly tradeshow booths and imagery are pulled together in a flurry and feverish pace. "One week for sketches and one week to create 6 large panels" - Ken at KidThink said that to me and we laughed and laughed. And then I got to work. I was told to do some fun kid stuff in a park and don't use too much red because Ronald McDonald will be hanging around and he should be able to stand out against the art. I wish I could have been there because a) I like drifting aimlessly through crowds while pocketing fridge magnets and painters caps and b) as clowns go, Ronald is ok by me. Maria at KidThink was nice enough to send these pics to me.