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Surf Shack

SEPTEMBER 17, 2010
Snacky Jack takes Twink for a walk.
I am trying to loosen up. Not so much in style and technique - although it couldn't hurt - but in my ideas.

I did the original sketch for "Surf Shack" just for the pure enjoyment of drawing something fun. No strings attached. Then the sketch just sat there. Waiting. Paying clients and deadlines and one hundred other things kept nudging that sketch towards the back of the line. Then I got a call from Von Glitscha wanting to know if he could send an assignment my way. He needed a full page piece of art for a book he was working on. He explained that I was free to do anything I want - anything - as long as the artwork somehow incorporated a pre-determined graphic image. In this case it was a flame graphic. GREAT! I knew exactly what piece of artwork I would do and how I would use the provided flame graphic. It's on the surf board that is part of the actual Surf Shack.
Is there anything more poignant than an eclair staring over the horizon - waiting for that ship to come in? This other character is LogJam.

The original sketch.