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Bully Bug

MARCH 8, 2011

We have all been there before. We move into a new town, set up shop and get to know some of the friendlier larva and grubs. Then - wham! - your life is turned upside down by a Bully Bug! In "Attack of the Bully Bug" by Red Chair Press, Beetle and his six legged pals must work as a team if they have any chance of getting rid of Bully Bug - a menacing, hulking pest that takes their lunches and picks on the smaller bugs.

Just as it sometimes must be in nature, the bugs form a sort of vigilante "we're not gonna take this anymore" alliance. Unlike nature, where the bugs would then set upon each other and devour the weakest, these bugs set aside those basic instincts and work for the greater good - get rid of Bully Bug! Can Beetle help free this gentle band of garden insects from the tyranny of the Bully Bug? I like his chances.
Beetle sets up shop in Bugville.

"Give me your lunch!" Bully Bug roared.

"I have an idea" Beetle said, "but we have to work as a team".