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Backyard Bar-B-Q

AUGUST 22, 2011
Final size is 10x10. Watercolor.

You want to know who gets along with everyone? Mr. Rogers. He's got on a sweater, comfortable shoes and a snappy haircut. Mr. Rogers did his best to teach us how to be nice to each other. I miss Mr. Rogers.

There has been a disturbing trend in the last few years to organize neighborhood fights. The fights usually happen at a predetermined park or backyard. Bring some beer, chips, the in-laws and the kids and if it all goes down as planned then it gets posted on YouTube. It's just like the movie, Fight Club, but without the payroll, insurance, clever dialogue or pesky rehearsal time. This is real stuff.

I have been working on a series of personal pieces and this piece, "Backyard Bar-B-Q" explores that topic.
Here are three color sketches I did before the final. My original plan was to go mondo color on this one but I changed my mind and went with a more limited palette.

They dressed "fight casual" for the festivities.