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Science On The Go

APRIL 27, 2007
Sometime ago we were all discussing Rube Goldberg and his unique artwork and original thinking. I couldn't share this project at the time because it was work in progress. But now the art has hit the street. Literally. The California Science Center called and asked if I would create a "Goldbergesque" design for their new van. This van would visit schools and help the Science Center team educate and entertain kids and get the message out that science can be fun.

The idea of the art was to illustrate "what makes this van get going".  I did lots of research on Rube's wonderful work and I was itching to put my spin on some of his more inventive props... cuckoo clocks, bowling balls, rocking chairs, etc. Since I was given some very specific things to include in the artwork I was forced to leave out a few  of my favorite Rube props. I did the front, side and back and we (for the most part) repeated the side art on the passenger side. A really fun job and some really nice clients. So this was my tip of the hat to the great Rube Goldberg.
Art Director: John Higley CA Science Center art director: Sean Cawelti
The front