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Bill for Rolling Stone

Asked by Rolling Stone's, Matthew Cooley, to work on a full page portrait of Bill Gates... first thing I thought... Tim O' Brien must be slammed with work.  As we all know, he's the man at RS for this kind of assignment.  So in my head, Tim's good fortune to be busy turned into my good opportunity to work on an important portrait.  Tim can correct me in a comment if I'm wrong.
I had a great experience working on it.   The Interview with Gates is interesting as well.

Snowflakes in DC

Looks like the snow has brought the congress together on a budget deal.  Hope the holiday spirit sticks in the new year.

Thanksgiving Blast Blog
Normally,  I post stuff for indiviual assignments but since I haven't posted in a while, I thought it would be a good idea to do a Blast Blog.   Hope you enjoy and Happy  Thanksgiving!
For Mens Journal "How a Football Team Falls Apart" based on Emanuel Leutze's "Washington Crossing the Delaware"

Mark Sanchez

Rex Ryan and Brian Schottenheimer

Elton John for Rolling Stone

Buddy Holly for the book "Legends, Icons and Rebels"

Billie Holiday, for the book "Legends, Icons and Rebels"

Sam Cooke, for the book "Legends, Icons and Rebels"

Patsy Cline, for the book "Legends, Icons and Rebels"

For Fromm Gourmet Dog Food campaign.

Entertainment Weekly Spread for the movie "Last Vegas"

EW's 100 All Time Greatest

Over the years, I found that an Illustrators best friend is an "All time Greatest List"  whether it's a 100, 50, 25...yet to see 1000... but that's OK.  They're great promotionals for Illustration and Art Department's of magazines who utilize orignal art.  I'm grateful that we illustrators haven't "Screwed the Pouch" on these opportunities and they're still successful for magazines.  Kory Kennedy, at EW put together a real humdinger of a best of Issue, out now "The 100 All Time Greatest" in everything entertainment.  So much great art and I'm happy to have had a little part to contribute to it.  "The British Invasion" in music, is a theme I've tackeled once before but this is a little different this time.  

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