The Spoon That Rocks!

JUNE 18, 2007
The band SPOON
Some of the recent posts have been about the music everyone is listening to and I've thoroughly enjoyed the suggestions.

Well, I have one but it hasn't actually come out yet.  Guess what? you can hear it on a website (for free).  I can appreciate a band that has that much confidence in their music to let you hear it all before you buy it.   The band is SPOON and they hail from Austin, Texas (Burckhardt land).    The new album which hasn't been released in the stores or on Itunes yet is GaGaGaGaGa and you can hear the entire album and sample it to your hearts desire at 


Spoon is a great rock and roll band and they make some of the most catchy and melodic music out there.   I love all their records and If you like this one you'd be sure like their whole catalog of work.  

The song that I really dig is "You Got Yr Cherry Bomb" ... It's a pop gem.