Illo's that didn't make it to print 2009

JANUARY 12, 2010
I wanted to post a few pieces I did in 2009 that didn't make it in the publication.  There's always a let down when you work hard on a piece and like the result only to get the phone call...  "we're going in a different direction but we love your illustration".   I tend to get that uneasy feeling that they hated it really.  Lucky for me, I'm still getting new opportunities.   

This was for Rolling Stone's Steve Charney.  Its a take off on a Frank Frazetta painting using Shakira for the album review of She-Wolf.

Portrait of Newly President Elect Obama for Newsweek.  Dan Revitte Art Directed.

This was for Details Mag.  It's another take off on DaVinci's "The Vitruvian Man".  The assignment was oriented on Men with unflattering ladybutts (seriously!)   I don't think the article got printed, but if they had, "The Bottom Line" would have been a good headline teaser.  The great Rockwell Harwood art directed

This was for Fortune Magazine.   It was about the batte between Palm and Apple.   Alice Aves art directed