Roberto Parada
May 2010
The Hold Steady

I love rock bands who can still make something great and keep it simple.   Albums like Exile on Main Street, Tattoo You, Darkness on the Edge of Town are some that come to mind for me.   Great hooks, riffs, energy and not necessarily perfect vocals, but the character is there and it motivates and inspires.    I always wonder what it was like for the musicians while creating a classic album.   Are they aware of the special nature of what they are creating? that is soon to be heard by the world?   I would say in most cases it's just another album for them.   Not to be cynical but I bet it didn't really sound great till it got to the mixing and mastering.


So this brings me to an assignment from Steve Charney at Rolling Stone.   It's for the "Soup de Jour" record review page that gladly still remains a first right for illustrators.  Thanks to the creative folks at Rolling Stone and Jan Wenner who loves Rock n Roll illustration.   


The Assignment is about The Hold Steady with their great live "Bar Band Appeal" and the release of the New Album  "Heaven Is Whenever".   They're a band with a lots of great riffs, character and great song writing.   I'm not sure if they created a classic here but It's worth a listen.  

My attempt at creating illegal cigarette smoke in a bar.
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