MAY 9, 2013

What a way to follow up a birth announcement.  Here goes?
Robots are threatening white collar jobs not just blue collar jobs America!  It's a great piece in the current Mother Jones issue written by Kevin Drum.  Tim Luddy  at Mother Jones had a great concept for this assignment, which I attempted to follow through on.  The likely scenario's at the work place, such as the elevator, the bathroom and the watercolor were ideal for a confrontation of man vs machine.  This posed a few challenges of course - like- what should the Robot look like? and should it be threatening or friendly looking.   Then Tim forwarded over some shot's of the Terminator robot and that clarified it for me.   However threatening that robot may look like - a toothy smile and a briefcase could soften him up.  

This was a great opportunity and I'm thankful to Tim Luddy for thinking of me for this feature.