EW's 100 All Time Greatest

JULY 2, 2013

Over the years, I found that an Illustrators best friend is an "All time Greatest List"  whether it's a 100, 50, 25...yet to see 1000... but that's OK.  They're great promotionals for Illustration and Art Department's of magazines who utilize orignal art.  I'm grateful that we illustrators haven't "Screwed the Pouch" on these opportunities and they're still successful for magazines.  Kory Kennedy, at EW put together a real humdinger of a best of Issue, out now "The 100 All Time Greatest" in everything entertainment.  So much great art and I'm happy to have had a little part to contribute to it.  "The British Invasion" in music, is a theme I've tackeled once before but this is a little different this time.