8x8 World Cup Edition

MAY 28, 2014

I'm a huge Sports fan since seeing Chris Chambliss send the Yanks to the 76 World Series with a walk off homerun... Live.  I was a bit young but I'll never forget seeing all those fans rushing the field and trying to grab him.  Then Reggie's 3 homer game in the 77 series.  Staubach beating the Broncos... then losing to the Steelers the following year.  Sports is the most exciting theatre for me.  But I didn't know Soccer(futbol) until 1982's World Cup in Spain.  Almost every important match was available on free TV (we had cable at that time).  My father, a Spainiard, seemingly didn't pay any mind to sports much but this was different.  It was in Spain.  So we watched many of the games together and I really started to understand how this event, The World Cup, was real special.  I love the different continental styles of play to the sheer hunger every player has to represent country and win above all.  It's better than the Olympics!. 
So now that the World Cup Brazil is around the corner I'm preparing for the round the clock ESPN coverage.   But there's also 8x8, a new magazine venture founded by design Greats Robert Priest and Grace Lee that's bring the FutBol world to emerging American fans, like me, to our finger tips.  We all know about SI and ESPN the Mag, but how about a great looking mag that talks Futbol?  now we have it 8x8.  
I was happy to contribute an illustration for this World Cup edition of 8x8 on the unity of the Netherland national team.   A team that was in the last World Cup final 4 years ago.