The Rivalry Rekindled

JUNE 11, 2008
It's been a while since I've posted or commented on Drawger, I've become quite distracted with the new house and life by the water. It has a way of hypnotizing you. However, I'm committed to get back to posting more often. Last week I got a call from the LA Times to do a cover Illustration for the NBA Finals supplement. The twist was to recreate the famous Bird/Magic photo from Andrew Bernstein. It was a classic photo from the Bird/Magic match up in the 1984 finals. Derek Simmons, the deputy Design Director asked me if I could recreate the spirt of the photo with Kobe Bryant and Paul Pierce. With a quick turnaround and an odd size I got right to work. I had a few issues to start with - the clothing the faces and how big do I make it. I had to go big (24x45) even though at times it can make the painting go faster( i like to work with bigger brushes) it's not the most practical size for me to photograph. I have to do it in a lot of pieces then put it together in photoshop. I finished the painting in just under 3 days (with a sore neck) and managed to get a file of the painting out amid a tornado warning, a lightning storm and 60 mile an hour winds. I was on the edge in a matter of speaking. Power Outages are most unwelcome. I can still vividly remember the NY Blackout of 03. The Heat! The Heat! I'm rooting for the Lakers even though I'm not a big fan of Kobe. I Just can't bring my Yankee DNA to route for anything Boston. I was glad to see last night that they got back into the series.
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