Wishful Drinking

JULY 10, 2008
Carrie Fisher has had some real ups and downs in her life but no one could illustrate it with as much charm, wit and gut busting humor like she can.  She has put together  an incredible one woman show highlighting all of her "lowlights" like an Ivy league professor making a power point presentation.   The play titled "Wishful Drinking"   has had a run in the Bay Area, Los Angeles and is coming to DC to be performed as part of The Arena Stage Festival this fall.  

Scott Mires of Mires Ball gave me a call and asked if I'd be interested in illustrating the poster art for "Wishful Drinking".   I rarely get opportunities to do poster art so I was all too willing to take part in this project.   I had a chance to read the script sent to me by publications director for Arena Stage, Cathleen Tefft.  It was so brilliant and self deprecating I didn't want it to end. The image had to highlight what brought her to fame and not exactly prominence - Star Wars.    I proposed the idea of her, Darth Vader , C3PO and R2D2 all having stiff drinks and a smoke in a booth at Sardi's.   Is this how Luke learned "The Ways of the Force"?  I'd like to think so.
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