OCTOBER 22, 2008
Angus not Anus

For all those AC/DC fans out there, and I'm one of them, there hasn't been any new material from them for 8 years.  So on October 20 "Black Ice", new studio material from the Aussie's, was released.   Steve Charney, at RollingStone, gave me an awesome opportunity to do the RS Review illo.   I'm always at them about getting more Rock&Roll illo's so I'm glad to have had this assignment.   While I was working on this painting I just happened to come across an AD/CD concert in HD called NO BULL.   Wow did they put on a show!!  It's hard not to like them live.  Their energy level, especially Angus, is on par with no one.  The leg kick, the uniform, the riffs and the simple yet classic sound and lyric combination makes them ageless.   I can't say that about some other bands ( Aerosmith ).

Also an important note - RollingStone has retired their classic magazine format of 10 x 12 for good.   Sad news for all of those(me included) who felt that size was a hallmark distinction on the magazine racks.   They are now a regular magazine 8 x 10.75.   A new era has begun folks!!
Topical: Editorial