2008 Rejects

DECEMBER 17, 2008
I thought I'd put up some of my 2008 rejects.  The naughty dark soul of Britney Spears for a Rolling Stone Cover that didn't make it.   A little too bad girl and less beautiful girl probably doomed it.   It was a heck of an opportunity either way and I put it up on my neighbors fireplace mantle piece for his big SuperBowl bash.  She's a naughty one. 

The other two were from a Fromm gourmet dog food campaign that never saw the light of day.  I was originally asked to do this assignment when the dog food scandal broke.   That was when chinese dog food exports, which was contaminated with melamine, poisoned a lot of dog.   That's not good timing for this gig and sure enough it was put on hold till the scandal died out.   Even though they gave me the go ahead to finish it early this year, it seemed doomed to never be published.  Advertising assignments  hard to come by for me and this was a lot of fun, even if it had the smell of doom.   To this date it's still unpublished.
Hope everyone is enjoying Christmas party month.
It was fun painting that mouth
The French Poodle Chef
Cooper Pans
Italian Greyhound Chef
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