The State vs Barry Bonds

MARCH 13, 2009
The State vs Barry Bonds (a la Joan of Arc)
Hopefully we are all excited(or at least I am) for the upcoming baseball season to start.  Winter is on the way out, the grass is green again, the sunset is at 8:30 pm instead of 5pm and the Yanks, once again, have a good chance to be champs(or maybe not).    But just on the horizon is the upcoming trial of the once great Barry Bonds.   It's been pushed back twice now and you have to wonder why.   Are there some cracks in Fed's case against Bonds?  Well... maybe. 

Playboy asked me to do a piece for an article they were publishing about the possible railroading, by the feds, of Barry Bonds and his perjury charges of steroid usage.   The piece more or less blows up the Feds shaky case to get a conviction against Bonds.    The prosecutor Mr. Novitzky seems to have it out for Bonds in this piece and is obsessed to get a conviction by any means.  Although It's seems pretty clear to me from the enormous changes to his physique that Bonds benefited greatly from steroid usage and he's arguably the most vilified athlete to be associated with it's usage.  But where's the likes of Mark McGwire in all this, the guy who originally rode the bandwagon to "Hero status" for breaking Maris's seemingly impossible record?  The truth will come out one day and some are already admitting to their past usage (A-rod) but we still have some deniers out there(Clemens).  Will they be pursued like Bonds.  I'm no fan of Bonds and his home run record is bogus, in my eyes, but I wonder who will end up with egg on their face(Bonds or the Prosecution).We'll have to wait and see.

I've also added another piece I did soon after for ESPN the Magazine on the prosecutor in this case, Novitzky.  A piece that took more or less the same point of view about the case against Bonds.  However, it didn't publish because the story was sort of scooped by a piece that published on the internet.  Novitzky is the focus on this piece.
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