Peter Kuper
In 1979 I co-founded of the political zine World War 3 Illustrated with my childhood friend Seth Tobocman and-- crazy as it seems, remain on its editorial board to this day.
My illustrations and comics have appeared in Time, The New York Times and MAD where I've illustrated SPY vs. SPY every month since 1997.
I've written and illustrated a bunch of books including Mind's Eye, and The System and some others that have links in the sidebar including SPEECHLESS, a coffee table art book covering my career up to 2000. I've has also adapted many of Franz Kafka's works into comics including The Metamorphosis (see some flash animation in the side bar by clicking on the cover) as well as Upton Sinclair's The Jungle.
My wordless graphic novel,Sticks and Stones, won the Society of illustrators gold medal in 2004.
My most recent graphic novel,Stop Forgetting To Remember is the autobiography of my alter ego Walter Kurtz (click cover in sidebar for the book's website).
I've been living in Oaxaca, Mexico since July 2006, covering an ongoing political situation, enjoying great food and trying to improve my Spanish.
Before this trip I'd done lots of other travel in Africa, South East Asia, Europe, Central and South America, and Isreal where I lived for a year when I was ten.
I met my wife Betty traveling in Spain and now that we have a ten-year old daughter (Emily) who's getting her own life-time travel bug by having this time in Mexico.

More of my work can be seen at
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2007 Stop Forgetting To Remember, The Autobiography of Walter Kurtz,
Hard Cover, (Crown)

2006 Theo and The Blue Note, childrenís book (Viking)

2004 The Jungle, (Hardcover reissue) adaptation of Upton Sinclairís novel (NBM)

2004 Sticks and Stones, a novel in pictures of the rise an fall of an empire (Three Rivers Press)

2003 The Metamorphosis, and adaptation of Franz Kafka's short story (Crown)

2001 SPEECHLESS, a retrospective collection, hardcover (Topshelf)

2000 Mindís Eye, a collection of syndicated strips, hardcover, (NBM)

2000 Topsy Turvy, a collection of political comic strips, trade paperback (Eye Press)

1997 The System, (collected as a single book) softbound, (DC/Vertigo)

1996 Eye of the Beholder, a collection of syndicated strips, softbound (NBM)

1995 World War 3: Confrontational Comics, co-editor of anthology (4 Walls,8 Windows)

1995 Give It Up!, comics adaptation of Franz Kafka short stories, hardbound, (NBM)

1995 Stripped, An Unauthorized Autobiography, softbound (Fantagraphics)

1993- Wild Life, comics by the author, comic format, two issues (Fantagraphics)

1992 ComicsTrips, travel-related comics by the author (NBM)

1991- Bleeding Heart, comics by the author, comic format, five issues (Fantagraphics)

1991 The Jungle, comics adaptation of Upton Sinclairís novel (First, Classics Illustrated)

1989 World War 3 Illustrated, co-editor of anthology (Fantagraphics)

1988 Life and Death, collection of authorís comics, magazine format (Fantagraphics)

1987 New York, New York, collection of authorís comics, soft-bound (Fantagraphics)

1984 Last Cat Book, Illustrated essay by Robert E. Howard (Dodd Mead)

1981 Stations of the Nightmare illustrating text by Philip Jose Farmer (Tor)

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