Peter Kuper
Binary Inventions
Back in 2008 I visited the University of North Dakota as part of a literary festival.
(I found my self on panels with Salman Rushdie and Junot Díaz, a surreal joy).
I spent a week working with the art dept doing print work with the department head Kim Fink (another, less surreal joy).
Since that time I've continued a relationship with the university and Kim and I have worked on several projects as well as art shows.
Here are some of the results...
Limited edition artists book, my adaptation of Franz Kafka's The Top

A Modest Propsal
Limited edition silk screen print 15"x 31"

The Metamorphosis
(Limited edition silk screen print)

Give It Up!
Each  silk screen print from this portfolio (of 5 prints) is 21"x 30"

Another limited edition accordion book

A portfolio of artists from World War 3 Illustrated which accompanied a 30 year retrospective of the magazine.

 From a portfolio of 30 different artists creating work based on the title :
Binary Inventions

Like I said, a surreal joy...

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