Peter Kuper
World War 3 : Before and After
The one experience all living things face and yet it remains our greatest mystery. My cover (after Roland Topor 1938-1997)

 I have been co-editing WW3 off and on for 34 years. It's a magazine I started with Seth Tobocman while we were students at Pratt Institute. Since that time we've been joined by over a dozen new editors and hundreds of contributors. The 45th issue "Before and After" has just been published. I co-edited this one with Scott Cunningham.
Back cover by Thomas Woodruff

Some excerpts of the work from the issue...

Above 4 of my lost nine lives. (more on page 2)

The Sixth is refers to the number of mass extinctions earth has experienced...we're in the middle of the 6th.

Anthony Freda

Hayley Gold's story of growing up anorexic

Tom Hart

Murals from Egypt commemorating people who died in the Arab Spring photos by Tamara Tornado

Ruth Lingford

Title page to a piece written by Mumia Abu-Jamal who spent 30 years on death row. Illustrations are by another prisoner

Steve Brodner

Title page from Seth Tobocman's story about his mother

If you are interested in finding a copy of this 160 page issue it sells for a mere $7 in your local alternative comix shop.
You can also find this and other issues through our distributor Top Shelf
Also we have a website dedicated to the magazine that you can check out here
World War 3 Illustrated

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