Peter Kuper
Since my return from Oaxaca, Mexico in 2008, I have been purcolating a new book idea. It simmered so long I thought I'd never get to it, but for the last three years I have been steadly working on this new graphic novel titled Ruins.
I wanted to combine my experience living in Mexico (2006-2008) with a deep interest in entomology, in particular the migration of the Monarch butterfly. Though the book is fiction I've based it on many experiences my wife, daughter and I had down there and have tried to give a snapshot of the amazing Oaxaca and its people.
 Here are some excerpts:

Red is the flight path of my main characters, Samantha and George, a couple taking a sabbatical year in Mexico. The orange is the migration path of the Monarch from Canada to a remote forest in Morelia

Woven into Ruins are some sidetracks including the story of Diego Rivera's mural for Rockefeller Center, "Man at the Crossroads"

There's also a book within the book that is written by one of the main characters, Samantha, that examines her life story in relation to the history of Mexico.

I just finished and delivered the final book today, ahhhh. It blossomed into a 328 page graphic novel *whew* which happily was picked up by several publishers. English, French and Spanish editions will be coming out this Fall. Above is the catalogue cover from the publisher of the English edition.

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