Peter Kuper
World War 3 (the illustrated one)
Cover by Ben Hillman
Here's the cover of the first issue
World War 3 is a magazine I co-founded with my childhood friend Seth Tobocman while in art school in 1979. For some crazy reason we're both still working on it along with a long list of dedicated artists and writers.Unfortunately, there keeps being too much to draw about.
Ronald Reagan, the inspiration for our title.
The idea that a 'B' actor would have his finger on the button if elected was enough to get us rolling
A collection of WW3 published  by 4 walls 8 windows in 1995 cover by James Romberger
Allen Ginsberg reading a poem at a WW3 show at Parsons School of design in 1995
 A cover by Sue Coe
Poster for our 9/11 issue silk screened by Chuck Sperry using my image
After 9/11 I was particularly relieved to have a place to turn to to publish commentary about the events. There were very few places we could get art published that reflected our range of thoughts and perhaps suggested that everything the president was doing in response to the attack may not have
Since I had been an inker on Richie Rich as one of my first jobs when I moved to New York, this parody was right up my alley.
Cover of Seth's book
Another thing WW3 has provided was a place to develope longer pieces that in some cases took years to complete.
Seth Tobocman spent 11 years working on his book "War In The Neighborhood" on the history of the squatters movement on NY's Lower East Side. Much of it first appeared in WW3
Cover of the latest issue
A couple of pages from a piece I did for the latest issue about my experience in Mexico last year.

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