Peter Kuper
Spy vs Spy vs Me

In a strange twist of fate, I have found myself writing and drawing Spy vs Spy every issue for the last 16 years!
(Insert your comment here)
1)"I didn't know MAD was still being published!"
2) "The last time I read it I was, like, 14!"
3) " MAD isn't as good as it used to be..."
4) COOL!!!!!!
To commemorate this historic fact, I am making some of the original art available for purchase FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME!!
(OK that's a lie, I've been selling Spy art for years).
Now is a RARE OPPORTUNITY to get in really good with that irritating nephew,cousin or father-in-law with a surprise gift that will show you are much hipper/more interesting than you first appeared.(Or say that's why you bought it and then keep it for yourself.)
So, don't miss this RARE OPPORTUNITY to own Spy vs. Spy... 1) PUBLISHED COLOR ART, 2) FINISHED PENCILS, 3) SKETCHES (our prices, cheap), and feel like one of the usual gang of idiots.
Finished art as it appeared in MAD

Tight Pencil drawing ready to be cut as a stencil

Rough sketches used to get idea approved by editors

Stencil used to create final art (I've stopped doing it this way to avoid lung cancer. Now I use scratch board--which will only give me upper- respiratory problems.)

All available in my spy galleries on this page. Or contact me at pkuperart@gmail for more info. Cheers, PK

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