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Abe Lincoln's Attack Ad
I just illustrated Peggy Noonan's article where she created a negative attack ad against Abraham Lincoln, endorsed by his pollical opponent, Steven Douglas. She writes in this article that Attack ads are the dreck of democracy." I'm a huge Abraham Lincoln fan, however, I had to portray him as a little "cockeyed" for her article.
I'm been strangely drawn to the entertainment value of some of the Republican T.V. debates. I'm also shocked at how much money these millionares spend on these negative ads.
The art was done for Kate La Voie and Angela Morris of the Wall Street Journal.

After seeing Victor's and Steve's posting, I decided to
put up this image of Newt. I spent no time coming up
with this concept for this weeks INX drawing. It's too
obvious after Newt Gingrich mentioned an American
Space Colony on the moon in an earlier debate. The
Malies image from his early silent movie "A Trip to the
Moon" immedialty popped into my mind.
Chatting with Thoreau
Angela Morris commissioned an illustration for a Peter Mandel article in the Wall
Street Journal. The piece was a satire with Henry David Thoreau being introduced
to Twitter. Thoreau was asked to test the prototype of the PodPad-- "the exciting new
internet platform, phone, writing slate, security camera and baby Monitor."
Coincidentally, I found this Thoreau quote about a bluebird. " A man's interest in a
single bluebird is worth more than a complete but dry list of the fauna and flora of
a town." Apparently, he had a bluebird perch on his shoulder while he was hoeing
a community garden, and the bluebird was attracting more attention than the flower
and fauna underfoot.
Then Angela suggested "Can we make the birds look digital? That would be a nice
My wife Susann Ferris Jones sometimes helps me with some photoshopping, and
she took the Twitter logo and digitized it.
I sent Angela the two versions.


      Kate La Vois and Angela Morris commissioned this for this Peggy Noonan
article on the Robert Burns origins of " Auld Land Syne" which was published
in today's Wall Street Journal.
Happy New Year 2011!!
Randy and Susann Jones

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