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Yet Another Hugo Chavez

DECEMBER 11, 2007

     I really enjoyed Tim O Brien's posting of his  Hugo Chavez painting on November 3rd, and the wide range of political comments that it attracted. That's as it should be.
When I went to Bolivia and Peru, many years ago,there were Simon Bolivar statues in every village and town we travelled, so I know how highly regarded he is.
     I finally got the opportunity to draw Chavez in the New York Newsday, well after Tim's article was posted . I returned to his site, and, I have to admit, that I did a quick sketch of Chavez with Tim's painting in mind.  The uniform  idea was not approved, but, his real life regalia was .
    This was a daily and the article came in late, so I drew Chavez's face and scaned it , then made the sketches with the finished face. I've never done that before.