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PEACE Show at the Sideshow .

JANUARY 19, 2008

      I'm participating in this group show at the Sideshow Gallery that's opening tonight in Williamsburg Brooklyn. I'm showing these two small sculptures and my Three Stooges Wisemen from my Christmas eve Drawger posting ,
     Frances Jetter has another print of her George Bush in the Bone chair that is currently showing in Steve Brodner's  Society of Illustrator's show , and an amazing print of a Troll Doll.
     The Sideshow Gallery was founded by Richard Timperio in 1999 to create a space that would foster young Williamsburg artists, giving them exposure and a means to create a dialogue with the larger artists community. I snuck in from the East Village.

Richard Timperio, an artist himself, has been an esteemed member in the Brooklyn art scene since 1979, and has been curating since 1995. I met Richard many years ago when he was an airbrush illustrator. We even shared an agent. It's been interesting to watch his transition from an illustrator, to a painter, and gallery curator and owner.

When Leo Espinosa commented that my two sculptures looked like the  Marc Caro  movie, "City of Lost Children", I might agree,except. that these figures were created many years before the movie was made . I had so many influences, and still have, but one stands out.  I remember reading the Gormenghast Trilogy , by  Melvin Peake in 1950. He was an illustrator, painter, poet, novelist and playwright ( in that order)
I 'm posting the sculptures in their original form . Many years later, I had to  bronze them just to save them from falling apart.