Randy Jones
Martin Luther King Day

      I've been sitting on this article since last December , to post for the Martin Luther King Holiday. It was published on November 30th /2007, in the Weekend Journal for the Wall Street Journal
       It's serious story of the current conditions of (HBCU's) Historically Black Colleges and Universities. I liked the simplicity of the concept of these three men from different generations , just standing , doing nothing but displaying their college football logos.
   I also found the time line very interesting.  Martin Luther King Jr. graduated Morehouse (Atlanta) in 1948,  W.E.B. DuBois graduated from Fisk in 1888, and Thurgood Marshall from Lincoln ( Chester County Pa.) in 1930.
       I received  an E-Mail the Friday morning it was published, from a prominent lawyer  in Alabama  that wanted to purchase the original.  We quickly negotiated a price for the original and had it sold by noon.  He paid immediately , and I sent it off . Over the holidays, we received a Christmas card from him saying that my art is hanging in his son's room, and , that his son is attending Morehouse College where Dr. Martin Luther King went.
It's always great to find a good home for the originals.
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