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Choking Victim Memorabilia

FEBRUARY 2, 2008

     A few months ago, I was re-organising my record collection  when I came across my old Choking Victim 45. It 's in mint condition.
     It brought back fond memories of the band's smoke filled  gigs at CBGB's. ....I think.  I lost 40%  of my hearing to some screeching keyboard solo from some forgotten band.
There was only two things holding me back from posting this article.
     I had to find their  tongue depressors.  I also had to go  way back into my photo albums to try and find some young compromising  pictures of the Choking Victim band .
    I couldn't find any Peter Thorp , or Bob Zimmerman pictures, but, I did find some very young pictures of  Mark Matcho and Mike Bartolos . I'm using Zimm's Menudo picture from his current Bogus Products article 
  As for the Choking Victim Tongue Depressor.
     It finally showed up right under my nose in my pen drawer.  It's been there all these years. Since I've switched to my R. Esterbrook Co.steel nibs, I hardly use my Rapidiographs any more.

I wanted to post my memorabilia on  Drawger, so,  I  asked Zimm for permission . He said

"Do it, man."

Here's my post to refer to at Drawger:


Here's the terrible sounds of me, Mark, Mike and Peter Thorpe, which I also posted at Drawger in the early days of the site:


Crazy times and a LOT of fun had by a few...

Go for it.


With Zimm's  consent, we can all sit back and dial up the volume knob to 11, and listen to Choking Victim one more time. ENJOY