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Now What Magazine

FEBRUARY 16, 2008
      Here is a new series that I'm really enjoying . I haven't posted in a while, but, I've got a Roger Clemen's drawing coming out in Sunday's Newsday, and a Barron's cover I'm waiting to get published. In the meantime, I've been laying low on a few exciting projects I'm dying to tell you all about.
        My good friend and fellow INXster< INXart .com> Martin Kozlowski, has created an on-line humour magazine
 called " Now What" < nowwhatmedia.com> .
      He asked me to illustrate the Cinema section of the " Critic's Corner . " All I do is parody the posters of newly released movies. Last week, I illustrated Vince Vaughn's unfunny self indulgent  movie" Wild West Comedy Show".