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Inner Circle Charity Ball

MARCH 15, 2008
Inner Circle Charity Ball 2008

The Inner Circle Charity Ball was performed at thr Grand Ballroom at the New York Hilton on March 15 /2008. This year's show was called" YOUNG MIKENSTEIN"
 Here is my front and back cover art and some interior illustrations
It's the 86th Annual Charity Ball  performed by media and print  journalists who cover the New York City political scene .
This job came out of the blue in the  last year of Mayor David Dinken's  term . I've really enjoyed drawing all the local and national characters on  the political stage.
     This is also the show where Guiliani used to wear a dress.  He was playing Rudy/Rudia , from the Broadway cast of Victor /Victoria, with Julie Andrews.
This year's show was  a month earlier than usual. The  Spitzer affair broke on the Monday before. It didn't really effect me because, the program was already at the printers.
I met  David Paterson at the Con Edison Party , but,he left before the Spitzer jokes. I liked him. Then , he had his own problems.

Here's my contribution to the Governor Spitzer story. It was published on the INX syndicate <INXart.com> on Tuesday.
I put it into the Inner Circle ball as a stage backdrop at the New York Hilton's Inner Circle show.  It was in the dress rehearsal performed last night. I love my work blown up that large.
   This years show is "Young Mikenstein". It's very funny and well performed by print and television journalist who cover the City Hall Beat.
    The $500 a plate dinner and mayor Bloomberg rebuttal will be performed tonight . Susann and I will be selling the program art . It's a very long weekend ,  but, it's a lot of fun. I'll post more about the show later.