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BIG wishes for all!

Happy Holidays everyone!  Here is a little card I put together this year with bits and pieces around the shop. The body is a small piece of PVC pipe, the head is (I think) some type of cable connector and the legs are wire. Antlers are wire, plumbers epoxy and paint. The trees are made from cut paper. I ran out of time so animating it will need to wait till next year.  All the best in the new year and may BIG things come to us all in 2015.


I was happy to have a couple of my animations included in the AI-AP Intl Motion Arts Awards this year, as well as to be a panelist at the BIG TALK on Thursday. I shared the stage with Stephen Mallon, who is doing some cool work with time-lapse photo / video. The topic was "artists transtioning into motion" and was moderated by David Schonauer. I think the talk went well, and it was nice to meet David in person finally.
My 2 accepted entries are ICON, and THINGS WE KNOW. They are each only about a minute long.
ICON was inspired by a workshop that I led at the ICON8 conference last summer. The character came out of that demo, and it just sort of turned into a short story. Also of note is the musician Maxwell Vann, who let me use his music for the ICON piece. The music was actually really integral in fleshing out the timeline.
THINGS WE KNOW was just inspired by Rummy's crazy rant. 'nuff said.

Recent WSJ pieces

Here are a couple illos for the Wall St Journal. The top one was for an article about "the mindset of barbell investing", and the lower one was about "seeking safe haven in cash funds" (both my paraphrasing). I enjoy coming up with visual solutions to these financial articles.   Thanks to Orlie Kraus and and Sheryl Dermawan for be great art directors on these projects!

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