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During most of August I worked on a music video using an existing track from Meat Beat Manifesto (I Am Organic). The video was for an exhibit that runs at .NO Gallery, 251 E Houston Sept 7 - Oct 2, 2011.  Over the years, I have done many CD covers for Meat Beat Manifesto, and when I was looking for a track to animate “I Am Organic” seemed like it would be a lot of fun.  Jack Dangers (MBM) was fully on board and let me basically do whatever I wanted. I had about 3 weeks to wrap it up from start to finish. I was under the gun to get something done, and well, who doesn't like to make fish-like spaceships and fly them around inside the computer?

Below shows one aspect of my sketch and planning process while using Adobe After Effects. I basically break the song down into a timeline (shown), then will draw and sketch different possibilities on the printed timeline as I work. There is probably a much more efficient way to work, but somehow this seems to work for me.  

In addition, I had the idea of setting up a camera behind me while I worked on the computer, and left it there for all 3 weeks. I had this idea after I was well into the process, so that part is not shown.  Check out the small clock in the lower right corner of the time lapse video… funny.  This may be helpful for my friends to see as they often wonder where I disappear to when working on these videos.




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