Richard Borge
March 2009
Dan Witz street artist
My friend Dan Witz ( does street art, gallery work and pranks. I just got a note that his site was recently updated, and was particularly intrigued by his recent video post, titled "In Plain View" which talks about his conceptual process as an artist. Also see the "Prank" video.
Below are a few of his images, from street art to gallery work. Dan lives near me on the edge of Williamsburg/Greenpoint Brooklyn. If you live in the area you have likely seen his work around.... I love the humor in these pieces.  I also like how Dan has a few distinctly different areas that he works in, yet they all live comfortably in the same space.
gallery work
 A few from the gallery work section.
street art
 Here are a few from the street art body of work.
From the street art/pranks section. One of the videos is a document of attaching the red nose onto the side of the house.
mortgage rights
Here's a piece about mortgage holder's rights. Basically the law (proposed) is saying that people that are having their homes foreclosed need to be told of all their rights in advance, including options such as bankruptcy.  client:  Miami Herald
Here is the sketch, final and detail.
 Here is a project about a proposed "do not spam list" similar to the "do not call registry"...  done for the Miami Herald.
final and details
not used but something cool about this image.
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