Richard Downs
Please, Let it Snow

Here is one of my latest illustrated Fables for young readers. This story and many others will be included into a broader reading program for kids. This assignment was commissioned by 3CD Chicago. This is a story about a little bird with a broken wing and a challenging Winter fast approaching as he journeys out looking for shelter among the trees while all of his winged bird friends fly south to warmer climate. As the story goes, some trees shoo the little fella away while others take him in. Mother nature has the last call in this tale about,  "Evergreen Trees". Moral of the story, help the little guy or freeze your trunks off!. The folk up here in Northern California are experiencing the driest and warmest months in the last 30 years, bring on some weather and snow so we can fly south in our own style!
"Sir, please sir, can you please help me?"

"Please go away, I can't be bothered"

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