Richard Downs
This was a fun technology assignment for Art Director April Montgomery at Computerworld. With YouTube's ease of use, compatibility and cross-platform relevance corporations and their employee's are now using the YouTube interface for most in house video. This has become one of latest IT challenges in creating a safe and accessible network for all of this video. We had discussed one design direction being the taming of a YouTube Hydra beast. The Hydra research was so much fun that I have included some of the creative images that I found. Thank you, April for picking my favorite design.
On a personal note I looked back on the amount of Illustration that I have created for the fine folks at Computerworld. Peering back was a sweet walk through the dot com era up to today and It could be safe to say that Computerworld has supported a bit of the Downs style since 1997. My antiquated record system shows jobs for Janell Genovese, Nancy Kowal, Amara Harari, Susan Cahill, Julie Quinn, Owen Edwards and Stephanie Brockway. I enjoyed every minute of creating this piece for you, April! I have had a great history of collaboration with Computerworld, thank you guys!
Computerworld designs
The Hydra!
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