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new work 3
"Woman #193 adjusting her hair" | Monotype |12x15" image 17x20" sheet

"Couple #192" | Monotype |12x15" image 17x20" sheet

These days my fine art career is looking and behaving more like my illustration career. I have been getting more and more private commissions for my personal work. Yesterday, one of my galleries called me saying that a guy came back to the gallery to  purchase 2 works on paper for his wife's birthday but they had sold them last weekend. As I was talking to the gallery the guy is texting me to see if I could help him out with a deadline of 5 days to be shipped and delivered? He mentioned that they love my work, that was all that he had to say, I'm in! So, I made him the 2 pieces "in the spirit of" what he wanted. It is getting really fun thinking of personal work becoming so deadline driven. Here are the 2 pieces that I made for him. (above)
"Woman #191 a different view" | Monotype |12x15" image 17x20" sheet

I made this Monotype the other night after I had finished all of my commercial responsibilities, I needed to let off a bit of artistic steam. In game like fashion, I time everything that I work on, it doesn't matter if it is a painting, printmaking or digital work, everything gets timed, it makes work seem more entertaining for me. I started this piece at 7:46 pm, it took a few turns from the sketch and was finished at 11:17, I like that it didn't follow the sketch. Last week I started a very fun and large oil painting commission of, "Hummingbirds and Insects" and it feels great as an artist to be challenged by the scale of this painting, although my poor little 300 sq ft studio is having a hard time adapting to this large format!  Get with it studio, No turning back!
Sketch for "Woman #191"

My studio last week after I transferred the approved design. Getting a bit tight! If you are wondering, my modern computers are directly behind me. The drone computer seen in the foreground has one purpose, it is connected to a pro flatbed scanner, old school.

Approved design. I designed the piece in a small format and it was amazing after I enlarged it to see the Hummingbird 3' tall, it is so much fun working big.

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