Richard Downs
The amount of brush strokes it took to make this painting.
I hope that all of you are enjoying the holidays and the build up to the new year. 

"Use your heart in 2013" was just a casual thought that I ended up painting. So today I am driving along a rural highway and this guy with his pit bull is hitchhiking and I am thinking, "Maybe I should pick these guys up....Nope, that pit bull could be trained to take control of the car".  So I don't stop and this hitcher guy and his dog give me a dirty look. I then realized that my, "Use your Heart" message was intended for the universe.

So, go out in a couple of weeks into 2013 and when the choice presents itself, use your heart and do the right thing and have a happy new year!

This design was inspired by all of the fantastic anatomical illustrations from the past that I love. I time everything that I work on which makes me a nightmare to work for.  With digital work it's easy to time the rendering of an arm or a face since I render shape to shape but with painting I move around the piece building everything up all at one time. So with a painting I use a sheet of paper to wipe off the first brush stroke and sharpen the tip of the brush. This sheet of paper is my counting system of how many strokes it took to finish a piece. This counting thing may sound a bit weird but I am sure that other artists have goofy forms of entertainment while working. 
A recent job with the tally of shapes completed. Start time 8:43 am, 9:15,9:37,10:37,11:47,12:15,12:48,2:34 and finished at 3:47 pm. As I was finishing I was scribbling down all of the stuff that I had to do the next day. Still haven't paid that traffic ticket :(
The original sketch
I tried to do something different with the type but reverted to my whimsical type style.
I scanned the painting before I painted in the background so I could indicate some background color choices.
4 background choices, I thought that the black popped the image the best.
"Use Your Heart in 2013" | Acrylic on Board | 10" x 13" | sold
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