Richard Downs
This was a fun and spooky assignment for OnEarth Magazine. OnEarth is an environmental magazine described as a survival guide for the planet and published by The Natural Resources Defense Council and fabulously designed by Gail Ghezzi Design.
This essay was about a haunted lighthouse on the Northern California coast that was experienced during a west coast super storm and written by the daughter of one of the supposed ghosts!
"It was no small feat. My mother, with stage-four Parkinson’s, climbed 146 narrow steps to the lantern of the Point Arena lighthouse, her feet trembling to find one spiral stair step after another.
Three years after Mom’s death, the lighthouse keeper at Point Arena read an essay I’d published about my mother’s climb, emailed me, and said the mystery was solved. The ghost she’d been seeing in the lantern room, picking wildflowers, and hanging out at the gazebo, was my mom.
    I’m not a believer in ghosts. But I’ve always wanted to live in a lighthouse. So when the Keeper needed a vacation and hired me to take over lighthouse responsibilities for a month, I said yes."

A pretty engaging introduction for an illustration and for this assignment Gail selected the final art to look like work from my Inky Style.
Thanks Gail for the fun!

Gail selected samples from my Inky Style that she really liked.
Point Arena Lighthouse on the Mendocino Coast. It's haunted!
My sketches.
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