Richard Downs
October 2010
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It was a really busy month working for my friends at designing and Illustrating DVD covers for their education videos. It was a month of walking to my studio in the dark and then walking back to the house in complete darkness. The most exciting part of the month was leaving my studio a few nights ago without a flashlight. I've walked this path hundreds of times in the dark around the pool and down the rocky stairs and then weaving through the yard to the house. So I leave the studio walk around the pool take a step and my right foot goes down into the pool and my left knee slams onto the concrete deck. I am kneeling there on the side of the pool and I am thinking, "My wallets getting wet and my phone is dry!" The exciting part, I didn't get hurt and I didn't drown or wreck my phone. Here are the last 3 covers that I created and if you would like to see the other 5 you can view them here. Art Direction, Heather Stallings
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