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Happy Birthday Pablo!

OCTOBER 25, 2006
You bought it, you broke it, you got to keep it! Casino mogul Steve Wynn will keep and restore "The Dream" after accidentally poking a hole in it. Photo: AP
Today is Picasso's birthday: he was born on October 25, 1881.

Here's my little testimony:
"Picasso: It’s impossible to avoid Picasso. Whether you like it or not, the fact, idea, concept and very linguistics of Picasso are embedded in our culture which you have ingested from birth. It seems stupid to suggest that Picasso was a very un-original artist. I say this wth the utmost awe. Would you say that a mirror was flawed if it only threw back the most precise reflections rather than some original idea of its own?
Pablo Picasso: Portrait of the Artist as a Meat Grinder. Picasso: fashioning a personal investigative journalism seived through the lenses of our the passé and corrupt Western century and messing with our cultural DNA.
I wish I could hang around for two centuries and see how he holds up. Will Picasso be needed in two hundred years? Picasso is the prisoner who is free, paradoxically, to inhabit the spotlight on a dark stage: some nights the house is dangerously full and other nights there’s an audience of none. I pray that in two centuries liberty is still the Promised Land for dreamers and doers like Picasso, or you and me!"
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