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Frank Frazetta, RIP

MAY 11, 2010
A giant of illustration has passed away. Perhaps you heard…
Stephen Kroninger insisted that I add some images of Frazetta's work to this post. I've done that although I felt it almost unnecessary because his work was so iconic and that his graphic fingerprints are all over any type of figurative/fantasy illustration currently being practiced. And, thinking about it a bit more, I see Frazetta as a bridge back to Wyeth and Howard Pyle and the illustrative traditions of a bygone era. But warriors, threatening or subdued aliens, ultra-feminine women, Heavy Metal, etc… Frazetta represents an almost innocent era in America: possibly, the male teen soul of the 1970's?
As a kid in the 60's I just caught the tail end of the classic comic book heroes before they were steamrolled by Archie, Peanuts and Viet Nam and Watergate. Going out on a limb even further, Frazetta made it possible to be male teen soul in the 1970's if, for nothing else, giving us something to react against even though we hadn't discarded our fantasy selves; that was just kicking into gear!