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Paper Sculptures

JANUARY 5, 2011
One of the vitrines. This is near the entrance to the Children's Room. It's about 4-5 feet wide.

Year of the Rabbit!

Owl, tern and a couple of pussy cats

Icy town

The glass shelves make interesting reflections

Fun to look at; not sure if I'd want to live there!

I'm having an exhibit of my paper sculptures this month in Wellesley, MA at the public library. If you are in the area, stop in and have a look.
There are two types of work. Luckily, they overlap a bit and help me resolve how I might integrate figures in my cityscapes. The colorful cities were my response to having to fill a large space in a gallery last winter in Paris: all the art had to fit and ship overseas in a piece of carry-on luggage.
The cars come out of the drawings I started this past summer. They're just fun mostly. I really feel like I'm ten years old when I get in the groove and make some. I hope you enjoy these few pictures and that you can see the real things someday.
left: here's a case with just cars and some words of explanation. Many people came up to me while I was installing it and said they wished they were tiny. I like that.