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Drawing Nature

MARCH 14, 2011
I've always thought that the only difference between illustration and what we call fine art is where the text comes into the process. In illustration, presumably, the text comes first. It's usually accompanied by a third party who desires an image to accompany a text. Fine art, on the other hand, precedes text. It flows out of a different set of desires and assumptions.
Yet, as a illustrator who blogs, the images come first — like fine art. Some of you may have some thoughts you need to get off your chest and you write them down. Then you may look for something to go with them. Or you want to describe a recent job and you assemble your collateral images to illustrate your descriptive text.
I've gotten into the habit of doing these life drawings and landscapes I see on my frequent walks near my house. Later, I scan them and the sketchbook is closed until I see something new to draw.
Many of them make it into a nature diary/sketchbook blog I've been more or less faithful to for about a year.
It's not illustration. But it doesn't feel quite like Art. Art is the illustrated life then. I guess I can live with that for the time being.
a roadkill raccoon escorted to the roadside by a snowplow is revealed by the melting snow.

Nearby forest and paths. Media: china marker or litho crayon. approx 8 x 11"

The Charles River in flood the other day. I have a lot of views of this bridge in my "Observations" gallery

3/14/2011: Coots and geese, Lake Waban, Wellesley, MA