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The Bridge

SEPTEMBER 11, 2011
"The Pleasant Street Bridge" Sept. 11, 2011 © Rob Dunlavey
I drew the Pleasant Street bridge again this morning. I've drawn it many times over the past two years. I'm sorry about the orange and red color of the drawing; it's just the pencil I used. It's a nice pencil and I was tired of using black or brown. It's not meant to be incendiary or lurid.
The river has been unseasonably high since hurricane season began.  However, like many of you, I was thinking about 9-11 this morning and I'm quite certain that our leaders have often put their own needs before the country's. It's understandable but not pardonable. Try to remember a little of the past ten years. Do a little play-by-play of the Then and Now and give it time to sink in. If I lived in Manhattan I might think differently but I find myself wondering if the cure is killing the patient.
Take a look at this. ["Weighing the wars: BU political science professor Neta Crawford counts up costs and consequences." The Boston Globe, Sept. 11, 2011] and this:  Costs of War website
Imagine what else we might do with that money …but I guess that's water under the bridge.

This posting is similar in tone to postings from my other blog: ROBSERVATIONS.
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